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Sep 30 • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Communication Series: Navigating Challenging Conversations

  • Organizer: CommLab


Would you like to gain respect, achieve your goals, and improve your professional relationships? What if this were possible by adjusting the way you communicate?  

Challenging conversations are high-risk, sometimes emotional discussions between individuals with differing opinions. This workshop will help graduate students recognize when challenging conversations are happening, or need to happen, and prepare them with strategies to navigate them productively. This includes being able to give both positive and negative feedback to and receive it from colleagues and advisors, in order to effectively meet personal, academic, and professional goals. 

This interactive workshop, facilitated by the College of Engineering's CommLab PhD Fellows, will offer background on navigating challenging conversations, and provide time for participants to work together in smaller groups to analyze, assess, process, and practice frequently encountered scenarios. There will also be time for participants to discuss their own challenging conversations and make new strategies.  

Please RSVP by clicking the red button above and register through Zoom.

This workshop is designed and facilitated by the COE CommLab and co-sponsored by the Office of the Graduate Ombudsperson, Employer Engagement and Career Design, and the PhD Network.

Connecting to SAIL Dimensions:  Professional and Personal Effectiveness, Well-Being; SAIL Foundational Masteries: Communication, Empathy, Ethical reasoning, Problem-Solving