PhD Network

Learning and discovery extend beyond the classroom and lab. To make the most of your graduate school experience, explore the activities and events sponsored by Northeastern.

Based on student feedback, events include professional development workshops, career events, networking opportunities with fellow students and prospective employers, introductions to university resources and support, and research events.

Some events are offered specifically for PhD students, as noted in the event title or description. Many events include postdocs and faculty, offering a great way for students to network and learn from others.

Select opportunities offered beyond Northeastern’s campuses are also listed on the calendar. These events are aligned with our students’ professional and academic development. Upcoming events are listed below. Visit the calendar for a full listing.

Research Events

Teaching Development Events

Career Preparation Events

Networking Events

Beyond Northeastern Events 

Events held beyond Northeastern’s campus that may be of interest to Northeastern PhD students.

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Do you know of an event that would interest our PhD students? Do you want to announce your dissertation defense? Use this form to suggest an event.

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All entries will be reviewed and those consistent with the PhD Network goals will be posted on the calendar. Beyond Northeastern events must also be consistent with PhD Network goals and be sponsored by a recognized professional organization or Northeastern partner institution or employer.