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Information about PhD Student Funding

Most Northeastern PhD students are supported on SGAs (Stipended Graduate Assistantships).  SGAs receive tuition remission and health insurance (there is no discount on insurance for spouses or dependents. Please note that the University Health and Counseling Services fee is not covered).  SGAs carry a 20/hr per week commitment and require that a student be on campus unless instructed otherwise.

In order to maintain student status, PhD students must be registered for the academic year.   As soon as a student registers, the financial system will produce a bill.  If the student is on an SGA, the tuition coverage will credit the student’s account and the bill will be paid, along with the charge for health insurance. Please note that the student is responsible for the University Health and Counseling fee, unless instructed otherwise.

The stipend portion of the SGA is dispersed in semi-monthly installments and is taxed (you will receive a W2 the following January – to adjust your withholding, please contact the Office of Student Employment, Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships). The tuition waiver portion of the award is considered a scholarship and therefore will not be taxed.  If you wish to have your stipend disperse via Direct Deposit, please set up Direct Deposit via the MyNorthestern portal.  Instructions can be found here.

SGAs are entitled to a 10% discount on books and a 15% discount on other merchandise at the bookstore. To receive these discounts, present a valid Husky card with an SGA sticker (available from your department) for the current academic year.

If you have questions about funding, please fill out this form

fill out this form.