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Feb 23 • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Conquer Impostor Syndrome to Boost Your Confidence

  • Organizer: Office of Alumni Relations
  • Venue: Virtual

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Conquer Impostor Syndrome to Boost Your Confidence & Advance 

  • Do you feel undeserving of your success?
  • Do you worry that you'll be exposed as a fraud?
  • Do you assume others think you’re more capable than you actually are?

If so, you likely struggle with "impostor syndrome," a term for the feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy many professionals face, particularly as we advance our careers. In this session, you'll learn:

  • Common triggers of impostor syndrome, including feeling different from the dominant culture around you
  • Strategies to build your confidence and manage these disruptive feelings so that you can effectively achieve your career goals
  • Ways to support others around you who struggle with impostor syndrome

About the presenter:  As a certified executive and leadership development coach, Kim Meninger empowers individuals and organizations to reach their full leadership potential. Kim has coached hundreds of clients and has presented on career advancement and leadership topics to corporate, non-profit and academic audiences. She is especially passionate about helping women leaders to develop their confidence, visibility and influence in order to maximize their impact and advance their careers.