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Mar 3 • 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

How to Identify and Disrupt Workplace Bullying

  • Organizer: College of Science
  • Venue: Virtual


Dr. Leah Hollis continues the conversation on bullying into the workplace, hoping to educate others on how to identify and address it.

About this event

Dr. Leah Hollis, Morgan State University

Leah P. Hollis, a visiting scholar at Rutgers University, is a national expert on workplace bullying. Further, she currently serves as an associate professor at Morgan State University. Her most recent book, Human Resources Perspectives on Workplace Bullying in Higher Education continues her work on bullying in higher education. Other notable work includes The coercive community college; Bullying and its costly impact on the mission to serve underrepresented populations (2016). Over the years, Dr. Hollis has worked with over 200 schools regarding policy development, training, and workshop. Hollis, a Boston University, Martin Luther King Jr. Social Justice Fellow, has presented at the University of Milan, Oxford University, Bordeaux University, and the University of New York-Prague.