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Feb 15 • 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Job Search Series: Interviewing for International Students Part One

  • Organizer: PhD Network
  • Venue: Virtual


PhD students seeking jobs in industry face an exciting challenge that requires strategy and preparation. In this popular workshop, learn how to position yourself for industry positions and how to leverage your PhD to your best advantage. Your PhD is a strength that can set you apart from other candidates. Learn about interviewing strategies, how industry interviews present questions in a way that differs from interviews for academic positions, and how you can develop interviewing finesse as you navigate to the job you want. This popular workshop will be especially useful for international students and is jointly co-sponsored by the PhD Network, Global Student Success, and Employer Engagement and Career Design. Open to all Northeastern PhD students and postdocs. Put what you learn in this workshop into practice during the mock interviews held on Thursday, March 16th. Please RSVP and join the workshop via zoom.