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Strategies to Develop your Ability to Formulate Research Questions


Based on feedback, we are offering the workshop held on Oct. 25th again on Nov. 7th.

This active learning workshop, hosted in collaboration with the Right Question Institute (RQI), will provide you the opportunity to learn a simple yet powerful strategy for improving your question formulation skills. You will learn how to use RQI’s Question Improvement Model (QIM), an approach developed with funding from NSF that equips researchers with a rigorous process to formulate many new questions, work with questions, improve questions, and strategize on how to use questions to advance your research and academic work. Participants will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire at the beginning and close of the workshop.

PhD students at other universities have noted that the QIM “will help me investigate more independently” and that it has helped them come up with “questions about my current project I hadn’t thought of before.” The model is valued as a particularly efficient protocol and “the several iterative steps produced well-developed questions. This was easy to see and internalize.”

This event will be held on November 7th from 3 – 5pm at 440 Egan. A light dinner will be available.