Outstanding PhD Student Awards

February 26, 2024 for nominations
Faculty are invited to nominate PhD students using this form


The purpose of the Outstanding Graduate Student Awards is to honor exceptional PhD students for their significant contributions and accomplishments as a graduate student at Northeastern University. The awards were established to honor individuals, who, by their contributions to their field and the community, have brought recognition to themselves and the University. Each awardee will receive a certificate and monetary award of $1,000. Awards will be conferred in the following categories:

  • ExperientialThis award recognizes students who have shown an extraordinary capacity to integrate academics with experiential learning to establish themselves as emerging leaders in their field. Examples include the integration of academics with professional settings; research with exposure or application to new contexts beyond the university; and academics with entrepreneurship.
  • Humanics – This award recognizes graduate students who have integrated human literacy with data and technology in their learning or research. Examples include the integration of influencers via social media, authentication cookies, and privacy settings; consumer confidence, foreign policy, and investment strategies; and seismic activity, climate models, and structural design.
  • LeadershipThis award recognizes students who have demonstrated significant leadership and a deep commitment to giving back to members of the Northeastern community or neighborhoods surrounding their location.   
  • Research – This award recognizes students who have shown an exceptional ability to conduct high-impact research and make contributions to the scholarly literature in their field.
  • Teaching – This award recognizes students who have demonstrated an exceptional ability to mentor, communicate ideas and concepts as an educator and a talent for inspiring students.

Once nominated, students will be contacted to submit a portfolio. If a student has been nominated in more than one category, they will need to select one of the categories for portfolio submission. The portfolio includes:

    • CV
    • Statement explaining the nature, scope, and impact of their work in the category and its influence on their graduate education
    • Contact information for one letter of recommendation writer

Once the portfolio is submitted, a letter of recommendation will be requested from the contact.

If you have any questions about qualifications, the nomination process, or the portfolio, please email [email protected].