NUSHP Coverage Request

Students supported by a Stipended Graduate Assistantship (SGA) or a Fellowship through Northeastern University during the Fall term of any academic year may receive coverage under the Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP) through their SGA. PhD students who will be supported by an SGA in the Spring term of an academic year and will be away from campus during the Fall term of the same academic year are eligible to request that their Spring SGA award include coverage under NUSHP for the entire academic year provided the PhD student is:

  1. A continuing student enrolled in a Northeastern PhD major and supported by an SGA or Northeastern Fellowship for at least 1 semester in the previous academic year; and
  2. Engaged in Fall term activities for academic purposes that require the student to be away from campus such as an internship or engaging in research at another location within or outside the United States; and
  3. Enrolled as a full time student during the Fall term; and
  4. In academic good standing; and
  5. Making acceptable progress in research.

To request Fall Term NUSHP coverage, please complete and submit the NUSHP Coverage Request form with your advisor and Department Chair’s signature before September 15th of the fall term.

Approvals from your PhD Advisor and Department Chair are required to certify that the Fall term NUSHP will be covered by a future SGA. In the event the student does not receive the Spring term SGA, the NUSHP cost will be charged to the student’s department.

Through my approval of this form I am confirming that this student requesting NUSHP coverage is in academic good standing and making satisfactory research progress. This student is away from campus during the fall term for education purposes described on the previous page. I agree that the Spring SGA should pay for a full year of NUSHP coverage. I understand that in the event that this student does not receive the Spring SGA that the full cost of the NUSHP will be charged to the student’s major department.

Notes about this new online request. Once you submit your Fall NUSHP Coverage request. Your request will be emailed to your PhD Advisor. Once your advisor approves, the request will be sent to your Department Chair and then the PhD Network. Let your advisor know that the approval request will be sent under the email sender: “”.

Please let us know how this goes by giving us feedback.