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Travel Funding Transition Complete

Dear PhD students,

As many of you know, the Graduate Student Government (GSG) has been teaming with the PhD Network to offer travel funding to enable PhD students to present research in venues that will provide professional development and visibility to enhance careers.  With the travel funding application available on the PhD Network website we are now completing our transition.  

As of today all individual conference funding applications from PhD students will be processed by the PhD Network. The GSG executive committee has voted to transfer all funds in the GSG budget earmarked for funding individual conference attendance by PhD students to the PhD Network. This initiative results in a streamlined and academically robust process as well as an overall increase in access to funding.

As of the beginning of this fiscal year (July 1, 2017) all PhD students may apply for up to $500 from the PhD Network to support their professional development goals through attending professional conferences.   As of today, all applications by PhD students for travel funding (including those requesting funds from the GSG) are to be submitted through the PhD Network travel funding application.  This application site includes information about the application process.  PhD Network funding is allocated based on documented matching from other sources.  In the rare cases that matching funds are not available PhD students may have access to GSG funds.

To support this transition, please note the following:

  • If you are a PhD student who has not received any funding from the GSG this academic year you are eligible to receive up to $500 from the PhD Network with qualified matching.
  • If you are a PhD Student who has already received funding from the GSG after July 1st, 2017 please be advised that you are eligible to request additional funding from the PhD Network.  The travel funding that you have received to date is allocated as $187.50 from GSG and $187.50 from the PhD Network.  You may request an additional $312.50 from the PhD Network with qualified matching.
  • If you are a PhD Student who has a current funding application pending with the GSG we ask that you please re-submit your application to the PhD Network. Note that you may request up to $500 with qualified matching.
  • Application deadlines for travel funding to the PhD Network are normally the last calendar day of each month.  To facilitate this transition we have added a March 12th deadline, and moving forward all future deadlines will be the last calendar day of each month.
  • All reimbursements for travel awards received from the PhD Network will be handled through the departments or colleges.

We, the GSG and the PhD Network, are very excited to roll out this joint travel funding initiative, which results in an increase in financial support from the University through the PhD Network along with an appropriate level of  support from the GSG.  A number of teams have been involved in coordinating this transition in support of our PhD students.  

Please don’t hesitate to let us know about any questions or concerns.  


Alex Hruska, GSG President
Rini Ghosh, GSG Vice President Student Affairs
Nicholas Roach, GSG Vice President Financial Affairs

Sara Wadia-Fascetti, Vice Provost
Northeastern University PhD Network