PhD Network

Travel Funding

The PhD Network, in conjunction with the Graduate Student Government, offers travel funding to enable PhD students to present research in venues that will provide professional development and visibility to enhance careers.

Requests for travel funding are reviewed monthly. Due dates are November 17th, December 8th, and then the last calendar day of each month moving forward. All requests made by the end of the month will be reviewed with decisions announced by the 10th day of the next month.  It is expected that travel funding will provide opportunities for PhD students to present their research in highly visible environments and support their career ambitions. PhD students are invited to make a request once a  year for up to $500 in travel funding from the PhD Network. It is expected that travel funding will be matched with another source. Please ask questions regarding travel funding using the feedback link. Complete the online form below to request travel funding.  In addition to answering the questions below, you will be asked to up load three documents as pdf files:

  1. A short proposal describing how you intend to use PhD Network travel funds. Your proposal should include: 1) a description of the purpose of the travel; 2) describe the visibility to you and your PhD program resulting from the travel; 3) describe the benefit to your dissertation research and to your career; 4) travel budget including request and an explanation of the sources of matching funds; 5) include a description of outcomes if the request has received PhD Network travel funds previously.
  2. Support letter from your research advisor / PhD program / department describing the source of matching funds.
  3. Acceptance letter for any presentation (paper or poster), role or relevant invitation applicable to your attendance at the meeting..
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Congratulations to PhD Network Travel Fund Awardees


Bouve College of Health Sciences

  • Margaret Beneville and Aberdeen Donaldson to attend the National Association for School Psychology (NASP) Annual Conference in Chicago, IL
  • Tessa Hamilton to attend the National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference in Orlando, FL
  • Tat Shing Yeung to attend the 15th Annual Conference on Positive Behavior Support in San Diego, CA

College of Computer and Information Sciences

  • Hamidreza Jahanjou to attend the 28th International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation in Phuket, Thailand

College of Engineering

  • Hungfu Liu and Zhengming Ding for National Seminars
  • Mehrnaz Mojtabavi to attend the 62nd Annual Meeting of Biophysical Society in San Francisco, CA
  • Sam Nazari to attend the IEE Conference on Decision and Control in Melbourne, Australia
  • Morris Vanegas to attend the DENT The Future Conference in Yountville, CA
  • Sadjad Asghari Esfeden to attend the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence NIPS Conference in Long Beach, CA

College of Science

  • Ioana-Gianina Buda, Hasnain Hafiz, Chistopher Lane, and Zachariah Hennighausen to attend the American Physical Society Meeting 2017 in Los Angeles, CA
  • Gustavo Salinas de Souza to attend the Workshop on Ultralight Dark Matter and Axions in Ann Arbor, MI

College of Social Science and Humanities

  • Ethel Mickey to attend the Sociologists for Women in Society in Atlanta, GA
  • Mehan Naim to attend the American Economics Association Meeting in Philadelphia, PA
  • Maria Robson to attend the Southern Political Sicence Association Meeting in New Orleans, LA
  • Rachel Sederbert to attend the Southern Economic Association Meeting in Tampa, FL
  • Adnres Baranauskas to attend the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences in New Orleans, LA