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The LEADERs Program

Partnerships in Research and PhD Education

The LEADERs Program is a new experiential learning initiative that integrates leadership and professional-skills education with a research project linked to their Post Doctoral Research assignment. The program—Leadership Education Advancing Discovery through Embedded Research—enriches Post Doc’s own research as they address the real-world needs of enterprises in fields from STEM to the social sciences and humanities.

Are you a Northeastern Post Doctoral Research Associate student looking to know more about the Fall 2019 LEADERs program?


LEADERs can be beneficial to:

  • PostDocs who are looking for strategies to be more effective in their research groups as mentors to students or as project managers;
  • PostDocs who are seeking  professional development opportunities that they can use as they build their future careers; or
  • Mentors and supervisors who are looking to improve their teams’ ability to deliver results by tooling their PostDocs with teaming and project management competencies.


 Here is how the LEADERs program adapts to PostDocs:

  • PostDocs apply / accepted into the Experiential PhD Leadership Certificate.  This certificate is appropriate to any PhD-level research training program.
  • To apply, please complete the quick app to the right on this page.
  • Leadership Certificate consists of 3 parts: (1) Leading Self and Others (PHDL 7600; 4SH) course; (2) Challenge Projects that earn (8SH of coursework via independent study-like challenge projects) credit towards the Leadership Certificate); (3) Seminar based reflection course “putting it all together”.
  • The program is synergistic to usual PostDoc activities.  The Leading Self and Other Course is in addition to the PostDoc’s normal activities.  The Challenge Project (8SH of independent study work) can (and should) be aligned to the PostDoc’s usual responsibility.  
  • PostDocs can use their FT employee benefit to cover the cost of enrollment.

Please use this form to nominate a PostDoc for participation in LEADERs. Self-nominations are accepted.

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