PhD Network


87% Of Ph.D.graduates placed upon graduation during 2015-2016.

PhD graduates have many career options. According to a 2016 survey of Northeastern’s PhD students, 56 percent seek careers outside academia—in business, industry, government, health services, and the nongovernmental and not-for-profit sectors.

As researchers, PhD graduates demonstrate an ability to solve challenging problems by surmounting obstacles and persisting despite barriers. Through their teaching experiences, they learn to communicate complex information to a range of audiences.

Whether you seek an academic career or pursue another profession, you will uncover diverse opportunities. In addition to your faculty mentor, you can draw upon resources like the ones listed below.

Articles about PhD career opportunities

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  • Science Magazine — the career special issue
  • HASTAC — a network of humanists, artists, social scientists and engineers committed to new forms of collaborations across disciplines and fostered by creative uses of technology
  • National Science Board Infographic on Science, Engineering and Health PhD graduates in the workforce.